Mentza Privacy Policy

Mentza takes your privacy very seriously. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) describes our current policies and procedures on the collection, use, disclosure, and sharing of your personal information or data when you use Mentza ( both app or website version). We will notify all users of any changes to this policy, through a notification on our app or through email on your registered email id. Do check the Privacy Policy and Terms of Usage regularly for any changes. We understand that you have read, understood the contents of Privacy Policy and Terms of Usage and will take your continued usage of Mentza as your express consent and acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Usage amended as on date.

Mentza Specific

Mentza is a platform of learning - to this extent, live sessions on Mentza are recorded and we enable you to clip relevant moments of learning (Mentzas) from the session and share it, for you and others to benefit from.

Mentza is a public platform and if shared, Mentzas are viewable and searchable by anyone around the world, similar to tweets and other social media posts. Mentza can also have private communities/ circles, where also the user can opt to share/ make their information public. Irrespective of mode, this Privacy Policy is applicable to every Mentza User.

Only participants in a live session have the permission to clip and share Mentzas produced in the session. Observers cannot clip or share these moments. We do give you control over how you want to join a live session and whether you want to share your moments publicly or make them private. However, for the sake of complete transparency, please be aware that other participants in your session could have found something you said compelling and could have made and shared a Mentza based on your contribution, for which they can credit you as the speaker.

Sign-Up Information

When you sign up for Mentza, we collect some personal data so that we can provide basic services to you - such as your email id, full name and your interest areas. We store and use this information to communicate with you, keep your account secure and provide relevant content. We also receive some data like your IP address and device type when you visit our website without signing up.

Public Information

You can choose to give us more information like your bio, location, photograph, and age which will be made public on your profile page. Your network information - the people you follow and the people that follow you are also publicly available on your profile page. We use this and any other behavioural data on our platform (circles you join, mentzas you consume and like etc) for our internal analytics in order to show you more relevant discussion circles and content.

Most activity on Mentza is public. If you participate in/observe circles, comment, reshare, send and publicly engage with content on our services, that information is stored and shared publicly with your network. So are any of the speaker credits you’ve received, content you’ve been tagged on and comments you’ve received - these will be shared publicly along with the Mentza they were associated with as long as the Mentza remains public. All of this content is currently ONLY being used internally to optimise our algorithms which help us determine what you’re interested in, provide better search results and content to make your experience at Mentza better.

By sharing Mentzas, you are directing us to distribute that content as widely as possible so as to expand their reach. To facilitate this we use APIs and embeds that allow other users of Mentza to make Mentzas available on other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

At Mentza, we create an audio portfolio of each user that contains entire activities (including audio recording) of the User on Mentza, which the User can customize to show/hide whatever content they want to have publicly displayed on the Mentza app and web.

You are responsible for the information/ Mentzas you share and put out there. We do however want to re-iterate that we’re a learning-oriented app, so think about these features in the context of closed circles that are dedicated to mutual sharing of knowledge, experiences and wisdom to further personal growth.

Photos & Images

We optionally collect photographs from you when you interact with a feature that requires an image to be uploaded. These photos are collected for their intended purpose. The scenarios in which we have a photo upload feature include:

Please be aware that any images submitted to our platform may be stored on our servers for future use. We do not share these images with third parties, they are only used for internal purposes, such as improving our services and user experience. By submitting an image to our platform, you acknowledge and consent to our collection and storage of your image.

Third Party Services

We use numerous third-party services to help operate our features such as voice and chat providers and transactional and promotional email service providers. We also use cloud service providers for hosting our platform, websites and blogs and analytics partners such as Google Analytics that help us better understand the use of our services. Please contact us for more information at


We do use Cookies that contain very limited personally identifying information. We also use cookies to track active login sessions and to track user behaviour via third party tracking services. Limited personally identifying information is shared with the third party application (Privacy Policy Link) to help us track users better.

Advertising and Ad partners

As and when we start having ads on Mentza, we shall update ad specific policy. We do not share your data with any third party ad partners. Moreover, we only use aggregated data internally to optimize our algorithms.


Our app is not directed at children. Anyone under the age of 18 should not use our services.